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Hello World! ASP 3.0 (Classic) Class Creator

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Finally, after years of using this script, i have something to share with fellow web developers. HELLO WORLD!!!

Just a quick shoutout to Richard Quinn and ASP 101 for the tutorial on how to use classes  in Classic ASP.

As you know, ASP Classic or ASP 3.0 is a very old Web Programming Language. Currently, as o this righting, Micro$oft doesn’t support this PL anymore. It means that there wouldn’t be any updates whatsover in case there are present bugs that show up. Well it really doens’t matter as its quite stable in a way but very limited on what you can do compared to supported PL out ther like PHP,, JSP etc.

A quick description of what this script does are as follows:

  • Can connect to any Database that your ASP can access
  • Tested to work on MSSQL 2000 and 2005 only
  • Automatically creates ASP VBScript Class source codes from a table
  • Automatically creates ASP VBScript Collection Class Script from a table
  • Automatically creates ASP VBScript form validation, insert, update codes from a table

This is a very premature script which works for developers who wants quick class creation without coding it manually from scratch. I have been using it for years and it works for me.

What to expect:

  • A very ugly form to generate ASP class source codes (for self consumption so didn’t care about the aesthetics)
  • the form itself does not have a very good validation (coz i know how to use it and clients doesn’t have access to it)
  • the source code of the class creator itself doesn’t have a lot of comments on it
  • bugs bugs bugs
  • no documentation

As you can see, not really impressive right. That’s why I’m sharing it to the public so that we can develop it more to make it more useful.

I don’t have a documentation on how to use it. I’ll probably do it once demand goes up for it.

I can help anyone who is interested in using it, just shoot me an email at

Download it here


Written by Hiligko

February 2, 2010 at 3:55 am